Jumpstart Your Investment with Resale Endowment & Life Insurance Plan

Get up to 50% more return than starting a new policy

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    A Smarter Way to Invest

    Benefits of Resale Endowment Plan
    Short Maturity

    Choose the investment term according to your needs, starting from 3 years

    Enhanced Yield

    Skip the initial policy years which pays for the commission & distribution cost

    No Max Age Limit

    Unlike new policies, anyone above 21 can invest

    Full Ownership

    New owner may choose to reassign, surrender, sell or "will" the policy at any time

    High Cash Value

    All policies have capital “guarantee value” in the form of the sum assured plus the declared bonuses

    Safe and Low Risk

    All policies are underwritten by leading Singapore insurance companies regulated by MAS

    How Does It Works?

    * An illustration of a 20 years policy that has completed 15 years of its term

    1. Year 0
      Original policy owner bought the policy
    2. Year 15
      Original owner sold the policy to Maximise Capital
    3. On Same Year 15
      Investor took over the policy from Maximise Capital
    4. Year 20
      Investor receives the maturity payout from insurer directly

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The transfer of ownership is through absolute assignment and done at the insurer customer service.

    An absolute assignment of a life insurance policy is a legal transfer of all policy rights and benefits from the original policyholder to the assignee.

    The right to transfer ownership is one of the insurance policy provisions. On 30 March 2015, The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has issued a Notice to Life Insurers stating, among other things, that assignment of the benefits of a life insurance policy is allowed to a person other than the insured.

    Yes, you can perform another absolute assignment at the insurance company's office.

    You pay an initial sum to Maximise Capital for taking over the policy. Only bank transfer or cheque is accepted. You will then become the new policy owner, and future premiums are made directly to the insurance company.

    All nominations or beneficiaries are to be revoked prior to the absolute assignment. You will take over the policy free from any nominations or beneficiaries.

    Both the ownership and benefits of the policy are transferred from the original policy owner to the investor upon sale. However, the original life insured remains unchanged.

    Both the ownership and benefits of the policy are transferred to the investor. Only the new policy owner can provide the insurance company with a valid discharge.

    Insurance company will contact the new policy owner for the death benefits payout should they become aware that the life insured has passed on. If this does not happen, the policy will continue to maturity.

    The new policy owner will be informed one month prior to the maturity date. Cheque payment is mailed to the new policy owner's registered address. Policy owner may also opt for payment via PayNow to their NRIC No.

    Just like your bank account and property, the policy is part of your estate. The executor/administrator of your estate can choose to assign, surrender or sell off the policy.

    There are currently no MAS administered regulations that govern the sale, purchase, and distribution of traded endowment policies (TEP) and traded whole life policies (TLP).We are a locally incorporated company, an independent service provider dealing with the acquisition and distribution of TEP and TLP. We do not carry out any activities which require licensing or otherwise regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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