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How Much is My Policy Worth

How Much is My Policy Worth?

Our experienced representatives consider the price of the premiums, type of the policies, maturity date and among others to give you the best value for your policy

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1. Get Policy Value
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Transfer is at done at insurers’ customer service centre in 30 mins
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How to sell you insurance policy

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100% guaranteed higher value than the surrender value offered by the insurance companies 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are currently no MAS administered regulations that govern the sale, purchase, and distribution of traded endowment policies (TEP) and traded whole life policies (TLP).

Maximise Capital Pte Ltd is not licensed, approved, registered or otherwise regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore or any other applicable regulator in Singapore or otherwise in respect of any of its activities, nor does it hold itself out as being so licensed, approved, registered or otherwise regulated.

We do not hold ourselves out to be carrying on any activities which would require them to be so licensed, approved, registered or otherwise regulated (including but not limited to regulated activities under the Securities and Futures Act (Cap.289) and financial advisory services under the Financial Advisors Act(Cap.110) of Singapore).

Currently, only endowment policies and whole life policies underwritten by Singapore insurance companies are accepted.

Buying an insurance policy is a long term commitment. Policies such as endowment and life insurance are safe and stable financial assets. The new policy owner can skip the initial years of the policy to maximise the return on investment.

All future premiums and any outstanding dues will be paid by the new policyholder (i.e., Maximise Capital).

The original policyholder is free of any benefits and liabilities associated with the policy

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